Managing Delinquent Collections to Achieve Positive Customer Outcomes


This 4-week course will teach to optimize delinquent collections while supporting your customer’s positive financial outcomes

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Start Date

12 November 2020


4 Weeks


Facilitated online with course with Simulation

The ideal collection strategy is a constant juggle between the high cost of severe collections actions, the potential attrition impact of the actions on our good customers, and the credit loss repercussions of taking too gentle an approach.

If you’re too lenient with your customers, they may end up in default.   If you’re too severe, you erode your relationship with them.   Learn how to manage these trade-offs.   

You’ll apply this knowledge in the simulation, testing your skills in managing  your own virtual portfolios. In order to win the simulation game, you will successfully operate the most profitable virtual bank with the most satisfied customers. You’ll test strategies in collection management, managing through economic stress and managing to different levels of product volume.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

Various Learning Formats

Online Content with Gamification
Interactive Live Lectures
Simulation based learning
Activities and Case Studies
Facilitator Support
Discussion Forums


Michelle Katics

BankersLab, Co-Founder

Victor Bergström

BankersLab, Content & Operations

Hanif Patel

Chief Executive, Consult Mediators